Eye brows!

Eyebrows play a huge part in society lately and also play a huge part on our faces. People will make judgements of people based on their eyebrows, being if they are badly drawn on or too thick, maybe even being too dark for their face –  we will all make assumptions.

I take a lot of care with my eyebrows and they are the thing I take the longest on when applying my makeup. This may seem silly to some people but depending on how I draw my  eyebrows you can tell what kinda of day I’m having; if they are drawn on lightly and haven’t been shaped you can assume I’m ill or was running late. If they are shaped, groomed and defined then I had them time to go to town on them. This is usually on a general day and on a night out I will spend even longer making sure every inch is perfect.

Today was a sad day in terms of my eyebrows. I ran out of my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizz, this is a crayon/pencil like pen that you use to draw you eyebrows on with and was absolutely amazing. I give it a 9/10. It draw on easily and was easy to remove if you made a mistake. It’s light and small so you can take it out with out during the day and makes your eyebrows look natural rather than dark and obviously drawn on. The reason I don’t want to give it a 10/10 is due to price and how long it lasts. Unfortunately, the brand has only recently become popular in England and because it is all distributed from the USA they are currently selling at £15.50 on either or I got the brow wizz as a christmas present from my friend, meaning it has only lasted me just under 2 months. As much as I feel the product is worth the money, I am a student and just don’t want to spend £15.50 on a new brow pencil every month or so! So today, I had to go hunting for a new brow pencil I thought was worth the money.

There is so much eye brow stuff on the market at the moment it can get quite confusing what you need to best suit you. Do your research, online will help you figure out the brow you have and what you need to make you have the best brows you can. My brows have thick hairs, but not many of them. You can see them but I like something  a bit more defined.

I googled best eye brow pencils and a list of American brands came up, I read through to see what was available but nothing really looked within my price range nor what I was looking for. So I looked on brand websites I knew I could afford. I came across which sell amazing quietly makeup for its price and saw the Eyebrow Stylist pen. It explained a similar texture and pen to my Anastasia Beverly Hills pen. It was also only £5.99, less than half price then my old one! Meaning it was time to go shopping. I purchased the pen in dark brown from my nearest Boots store and came straight home to try it out.


This is what the pen looks like, and due to its slant in the pen you can get two different thicknesses.

Time to try it out!eye brows undone


brows done

Before: top        After: bottom.

As you can see my eyebrows aren’t as dark as my hair and I need to make them match and more define.

Overall the pen works well! It’s easily applied and due to the slant you can create sharpe ends. When I finished applying I felt that the texture was a little crayon like, leaving a gappy look, so to finish off and made them look smooth and natural. I used an angled brush to help shape and smooth out any unevenness in the brow and give them a more polished and finished look. You can buy angled brushes from almost any makeup shop (even Wilkinson’s sells them!)

And voila! My brows looked great and it only cost £5.99! A lot better that £15.50!

Love, Molly xo



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