Lipstick is a girls best friend.


I love makeup as much as the next person, and I have quite an addiction when it comes to buying new stuff. But, one thing that I simply can’t get enough of is lipstick. I have so many colours and shades, its getting a tad out of hand…

But, even though I have a few to pick from I definitely have favourite. Two of which are from MAC and the last is Chanel.

As you can see, all these colours have a pink base. I love to wear these colours as they best suit my complexion as I am pale but still like to make it look as though I have some colour in my cheeks. I feel that pink shades best do this as it brings out the pink pigments in our face, making you look less pale.

Another great thing about pinks is that you can dress them up or down . I usually wear a more nude colour for the day to look more natural, but you can also wear it of an evening if you want something quite soft or if you’re going out for a nice meal or to a bar. The brighter pinks/reds can be worn to set a statement of a day or when going out clubbing to match you outfit or eye shadow, which is when I wear it.

One problem I find with lipsticks, especially if they’re matte, is that they can dry out your lips throughout the day/night – making your lips look creaked and even leaving a line around the outsides. One way I have found that stops this is too use a light amount of lip balm before you apply, let it dry for a few seconds then apply your lipstick like normal. It might take away the matte look at first but once the lip balm drys completely it will go to the desired look. The best balm that I find works is EOS, it lasts a long time and doesn’t create a greasy look. The second way to stop creaked looking lips is to buy a cheap nude lip pencil and colour in your lips with it. Then apply lipstick on top. This creates a base layer and will stop the lipstick from being absorbed by your lips and wont rub off as easily.

What is your favourite lipstick colours? How do you stop your lips from becoming dry from lipstick? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Molly xo


Chanel lipstick – £26. Can be purchased from most department stores and Boots store.

MAC lipsticks – £15.50. Can be purchased from MAC stores and most department stores.

Images are my own.

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