My daily makeup routine.


I could only wish I could do a ‘what’s in my makeup bag’ post, but as you can see I don’t have one! My makeup organiser is jam packed and sometimes I become overloaded with what to wear and what not too! But, I do have my daily essentials and I’m going to tell you what they are!

Firstly, I moisturise with my Clarins Daily Energiser cream. I’ve been using this for the past few years and I have deffiantly noticed a difference compared to other cheaper branded creams. Costing between £17-£22 (depending on where you buy it), I found that it was worth the monty 100%. It has hours of hydration and illuminates skin to make you look fresh faced.

Secondly, I used the Garnier BB cream. It’s liked a tinted moisturiser that just adds a based layer of colour to my skin and evens out the tones in my face. I find that as my skin can get quite dry I need the extra layer of moisture. This is on the market currently at £9.99.

I then apply my Benefit Boi-ing concealer. This stuff works wonders! It’s classed as ‘industrial strength’ and thats what I need to cover these bags. It comes in a little pot and is a cream like texture and I apply using my fingers under and above my eyes, on my nose and around my lips. I have tried many different concealers and I feel this one works the best for me and my skin type, but Benefit do many amazing concealers for all different skin types – so deffiantly go in and talk to them! This product is currently between £13-£18.

Now, you maybe be wondered where my foundation is – and truth be told, I don’t wear any! Never have and hopefully I never will need to! My mum told me from a  young age that it clogs up your pores and stops your face from breathing. Now I know today they have created ones that purposely stop this but as I’ve grown up not needing it I don’t feel the need to go buy any. Plus I wouldn’t know where to start! I feel my skin is so clear due to not wearing it from a young age and I’m so grateful mum stopped me from wearing it.

Anyways, I then apply an even layer of Hoola which is also by Benefit. It lasts all day on my skin and I’ve been wearing it of so long it would be weird if I didn’t! I love the product, you can apply as much as you want depending on the look you’re going for but for the day I just apply a average amount so I still have some colour in my face but not too much. This is currently £23.50.

My highlighter is sometimes optional but I had to talk about it because it is such a deal! For only £3, the MUA white highlighter is amazing! It is long lasting and creates an amazing shine, without looking too orange if you apply too much. For £3 what’s not to love!

For my eyebrows I use the Sleek brow definer, which is amazing and worth the £5.99. I would even say that it could be a dupe to the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow definer! I apply and then use a angled brush to smooth out and refine the edges of my brows.

And lastly, my They’re Real mascara also by Benefit. I’ve been using this mascara since it came out and fell in love as I started to use it. It creates a long and thick look for your lashes and isnt clumpy at all, which I love. This is around £19.

So that’s it! My daily routine! Hope you enjoyed.

Love, Molly xo


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