Big boobs: curse or blessing?

In a society in which we are meant to advocate for all body shapes and sizes I find that clothing for girls with bigger boobs is hard to find. All clothing I see on websites are for girls with little or no boobs at all. Not that this is a major problem but I feel that this is a huge gap in the market where someone could make a lot of money!

I’m 5ft 4″, a size 12 or 14 and I wear a size 34FF bra. Some may say this is uncommon which is why they don’t make clothes for smaller, curvy girls but I beg to differ. I see many girls that are small, and have curvy bodies. So I can’t be the only person that wishes they could find more clothes for girls like us. I pointed this out to my friend who agreed. Accept she’s tall, but feels that all clothing aimed at tall people is usually plus sized or extra slim. Nothing for those girls who are in the middle.

Back to boobs: this evening I was looking through a number of clothing websites looking at jumpsuits. Wanna know what I found? 99% of jumpsuits I saw were either very low cut or had an open back, or they looked like something my 68 year old nan would wear. Some girls will just say “Just don’t where a bra!”, and yes that is an option, but unless you have big boobs yourself you won’t understand the problems with this. Having bigger boobs means they don’t sit nicely on your chest (well for me anyways). They are slightly more spread apart from one another, which is just natural. Gravity pulls them down and no natural boobs sit in the middle and upright on anyones chest! I could use boobs tape, but I would probably have to use the whole roll too keep them still and throughout the night they would move naturally and the tape will become unstuck due to the weight. The next problem with wearing no bra I feel is that they just are too free! When you’re home alone it doesn’t matter, and wearing no bra feels amazing. But, on a night out its a different story. When you’re out you will obviously dance and move around quickly, meaning my boobs will too. Which means they will also become quite heavy and my back will start to ache – not what I want. So, why is it fair that I have to look like a granny or feel uncomfortable because I want to wear something!?

Another issue I have is with bras. Many shops sell beautiful and colourful bras for small boobs. Usually anything from a DD and under. But, if you’re over that you are obviously an older woman, someone with a very large back or just a frumpy person! There are only four shops I know of that too nice, supportive bras for woman with larger boobs that are expected to be old, large or a frump. Those are M&S, Boux Avenue, Bravissimo and Freya. But yet another problem, all the bras are expensive! If I want a well supported, well fitted bra I have to pay £25-£40. Not fair! I didn’t ask for bigger boobs, I was born this way and sometimes it’s just not fair.

But, having big boobs isn’t all bad. Thousands of woman have boobs jobs each year and you always hear girls complain they have small boobs. They can make many outfits looks amazing, if you find the perfect one! They can also help some girls in situations, like getting into clubs and can even get you a few free drinks which isn’t half bad! Each girl to their own and all that.

Now, it may feel like i’m imply I wish I didn’t have big boobs. Which isn’t the case. I wouldn’t trade my boobs for the world, I think they’re great the way they are. It just feels like big boobs are idolised and in todays society we are meant to appreciate all sizes and supply for everyone – which I don’t see much of. Quite a few girls want bigger boobs but when it actually comes down to it, they aren’t the biggest blessing. So, if you do wish you had bigger boobs – just think yourself lucky that you can wear that beautiful dress without a back or that is low cut! And that you don’t have to pay £££ on new bras! We’re all perfect the way we are, and don’t you forget it!


Love, Molly xo


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