‘Glitter Eyes’ eye shadow

Long time no blog! I firstly wanna apologise for not blogging for a while, just over a month in fact. I have been busy with finishing my first year and uni and looking for a new job and starting that new job! Life has been a bit hectic for a while, but I’m back and will hopefully have the time to blog a bit more than I did in the first place!

Anyways, to my review. For a while now I have been searching for glitter eye shadow. I’ve seen so many videos on Instagram and Facebook of girls with real glitter eye shadow, not just sparkly ones. Then, I heard of something called ‘pressed glitter’, so I did some research into it and it is basically eye shadow that’s mixed with a fixing adhesive and it means it wont just fall off your eyelid as soon as you apply it. Amazing right? Well, I searched ages online for one that 1. wasn’t too expensive (being a student and all) 2. the postage wasn’t too expensive either and 3. wasn’t going to take weeks to be shipped to me! I’m very impatient!

After days of searching and looking, I came across the website GlitterEyes. They sell affordable pressed and loose glitters for all beauty uses; and they’re bloody amazing! I started off buying 2 of their pressed glitters to see how they work and what they look like. Starting at Β£3.50 (the loose glitters) and going up to about Β£10 (for a kit), I found the price great for the quality.

I purchased Mocha Shine, which is a rose gold/brown glitter and Shimmering Sand, a gold/neutral glitter.IMG_0018 copy

You apply but using your fingers or a brush and apply it just like a normal eye shadow! I applied using my finger the first time but found that the glitter will literally stick to any part of your skin and it became rather messy. So the second time I used a brush and it did take a little longer but it wasn’t as messy! Glitter free face!

Here’s what it looks like on (please excuse the fact that I have no other makeup on, I have had a lazy day and couldn’t be bothered to put my whole face on!):

Top eyes wearing: Mocha Shine
Bottom eyes wearing: Shimmering Sand

As you can see, the glitter has stuck around my eye and on my face so I do need some extra practice applying it. But, other than that I love it! It lasts ages. I wore it to an event last weekend and it lasted at least 8 hours and it didn’t move until the end of the night where i was getting a bit hot and I touched my eyes without realising. I would defiantly suggest applying some eye primer on before using and setting pray after just to secure the glitter even more.

Here is an image of me with full makeup and the pressed glitter:


If I was to rate the glitter out of 10 I would give it a 6.5/10. This is because of the mess it can create and I feel the glitter is so soft and can be wasted because sometimes it doesn’t stick to your eye lid but more my fingers! Next time I want to order the loose glitter as it seems easier and less messy. You apply them using a fixing gel that you put on a brush then dip into the glitter. Other than that I do LOVE these products and would recommend them to anyone and everyone who wants to add a little more glam to their makeup!

Let me know if you have any glitter eye shadows that you use!

Love, Molly xo


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