Is it REALLY worth it? – Eye Shadows

Through out all my makeup purchases I have found that spending more doesn't always mean you will get the best quality. And sometimes spending less doesn't mean that it will be awful! So, I am going to do a beauty based blog post each week about my thoughts on products so see if they are… Continue reading Is it REALLY worth it? – Eye Shadows


Student Hacks!

It's finally Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend and get those dancing shoes on! As summer is literally right around the corner and we all break out our shorts and the sun screen we may start finding ourselves strapped for cash. Saving for holidays and  no student loan can mean we start… Continue reading Student Hacks!


Kylie Jenner Lip kit

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully you're all pulling through the Monday blues. Today I want to review the most coveted lipstick around at the moment. The one and only, Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. I was on of the lucky ones who was able to get hold of the matte originals and a metal; and I'm absolutely… Continue reading Kylie Jenner Lip kit