Kylie Jenner Lip kit


Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully you’re all pulling through the Monday blues.

Today I want to review the most coveted lipstick around at the moment. The one and only, Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. I was on of the lucky ones who was able to get hold of the matte originals and a metal; and I’m absolutely in LOVE!

The first one I was able to get hold of was Dolce K, which is a browny/nude. At first I was unsure. Due to the kits only being able to be bought online, it is rather hard to know what colour will best suit you; plus they all look so similar on the actual website it is hard to see what the difference in colours are. I had to go through weeks of Instagram images to find what I thought might suit me and then when it arrived I was sceptical. I feel the issue with browns and nudes can be that they can make your teeth look yellow, unless you have pure white teeth. But, to say the least I still love it and still wear it. Here is a pic with me wearing it.

The lip liner is amazing, it just goes on so smoothly and without a problem, not leaving your lips feeling dry. Then the lipstick, it looks a lot darker when you apply it and then dry to a lighter brown/nude. I can not find fought with the lipstick itself, it stays on all day to an extent. It does wear off when you eat and drink, but this is something I would expect from most lipsticks so I will not mark it down on that! I even done a sleep test; I went to bed to see if it lasted the night. Surprisingly, it did! It was a little smudged (obviously) but most of it was still on my lips! Impressive! Im gonna give it a 9/10 overall, the only lipstick that would get a 10/10 from me is one that never ever wears off!


The second one I got my hands on was Reign which is one of the metal matte lipsticks. It is the dark one of the three with the brown/copper tint. Here’s another pic of me wearing it.


This one is pretty much the exact same as Dolce K in the way it is applied and has the same smooth application and I had no problems! The only thing I was a tad disappointed with was the applicator rod itself. The bristles were a bit sparse and it didn’t look as nice as my Dolce K wand. Im not sure if this is to do with the metal lipstick or whether it is a problem with the wands over all. (I remember there being a problem with the glosses a white back). Anyways, overall this one gets a 8/10 from me. Which is still pretty good!

Overall I love Kylie’s lipsticks. But, I’m not sure if i’ll buy anymore. They are quite expensive and the colours seem to all be the same at the moment. Lets see what next she has in store for us; hopefully some new and more exciting colours from summer!

Have a good week peeps!

Love, Molly xo


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