Student Hacks!

It’s finally Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend and get those dancing shoes on!

As summer is literally right around the corner and we all break out our shorts and the sun screen we may start finding ourselves strapped for cash. Saving for holidays and  no student loan can mean we start to have less money – but I have some student money saving hacks that will help over this glorious summer time!

  1. UniDAYS & Student Beans – most of you probably have heard of the UniDAYS website! It’s completely free and gives you access to some of the best student deals in town! Even places like Boots and House of Fraser are on here! Just get the discount code and enter into the checkout when ordering online. It’s as simple as that! Student Beans is basically the exact same just offers a few different places.Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.29.20.png
  2. ‘The Gym’ – this is a gym group that seems to be opening up a lot around the UK at the moment. They are a low cost gym that supplies free classes and lots of equipment for everyone to use with a monthly membership. Great for getting that summer bod! They offer a student discount of no joining fee for any NUS card user. Meaning you save yourself £25! Great right?Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.28.32
  3. Festivals – when it comes to festivals I know that they are not cheap. Far from it. But,  festivals like ‘Bestival‘ offer a student weekend ticket which is £10 cheaper, ever little helps right? Also, most festivals let you either become an ambassador or work for them on that weekend. Becoming an ambassador means that you have to sell so many tickets (usually around 8) and then you can bag yourself a free one! So if you and all your mates are going to a certain fest you but haven’t got tickets yet go have a look! Working for the fest also means you can get a free ticket, you usually have to work for so many hours over the weekend and then you have the rest of the time free. I know that Bestival and Reading/Leeds both do this – free ticket and great work experience!
  4. Travel – travelling can be super expensive and if you haven’t got a car then getting from place to place can become a bane. But I also know that travelling around can also be super fun! Going up to London in the summer is always a must but not everyone leaves so close. Buy yourself a 16-25 rail card; and this isn’t even just for students! It gives you 1/3 off all travel on trains so it can become so useful when going down to the beach of even to visit friends from uni. But if you are a student and have a NUS card then you are entitled to getting some money off of the actual card too. Amazing!
  5. Holidays – if you pay £12 you can get a ISIC card, which lets you get student discount from all over the world whist traveling or even if you here at home looking to go travelling. Places like STA Travel offer a discount for students looking to go away with any valid ISIC card. Meaning more money to spend whilst there!Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.55.15.png
  6. NUS Extra card – The NUS card is like UniDays and Student beans but you have an actual card and it can be used for more places. It also has a feature you can add for a small fee called ‘Gourmet Society’. This lets you go to many restaurants around the country and gives you exclusive deals and money off. And who doesn’t love food?Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.30.03

I hope these tips and hacks help you out over the long summer months! (but not long enough for my liking…)

Love, Molly xo


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