Lipstick is a girls best friend, pt.2

Since my original post I have purchased many many more lipsticks… The craze of matte liquids came around and I went crazy for them. Yep, crazy…

My collection has grown largely and I love them all, it’s hard to choose my favourites this time – so i’ll just show you them all! DSC_5864

From top to bottom: Kylie Jenner-Dolce K matte, Kylie Jenner-Reign metal matte, LA Splash-Latte Confession, Gerard Cosmetics-Cher, Sleek Makeup-Birthday Suit, Sleek Makeup-Petal, MAC-Seeking Adoration, KIKO-Free Spirit 105.

The six top colours are all matte liquid lipsticks, the MAC ‘Seeking Adoration’ is a lip glass and the last is a lip/cheek crayon. All beautiful! I use them all from time to time and find that they all can be dressed up or down – all down to personal preference. I love matte lipsticks and I can not find a fault in any of these. My favourite matte would defiantly be ‘Cher’ by Gerard Cosmetics. They have mastered the matte effect and it stays on all day. It even smells amazing, I want to eat it!! I feel that I wear my mattes more during the day as when and if they are to wear off I can easily reapply and get it perfect. Not the best thing to be messing around with when I’m on a night out…


From top to bottom: Dior Addict-Extreme, MAC-Media, MAC-Flat Out Fabulous, MAC-D For Danger, Chanel-LA Raffinee, MAC-Lady Danger, MAC-Twig, MAC-Viva Glam 3. 

These are my normal lipsticks that I find I wear on nights out or if I just want a simple and quick lipstick. I love bold lipsticks that stand out but have something neutral about them. These are all of those things, and I can’t find anything wrong with MAC. It’s flawless and I just love their lipsticks. I find that the Dior can wear off very easily and isn’t very pigmented which upsets me so much because I love the colour so much! The Chanel leaves my lips feeling like a cloud, it goes on with such ease and I never have to moisturise my lips before application. It contains pearl extract (I believe) and this probably makes it feel so soft. I defiantly need to get another one.

Have a lovely Sunday evening!

Love, M xo


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