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Product Review: Lush Face & Body Masks

Everyone loves Lush. It’s a worldwide brand and I don’t know one person that hasn’t tried at least of of their products. I have tried my fair share, mainly being bath bombs. But, recently I was given a choice of two of face masks to try, I chose ‘Don’t Look at Me’ and ‘Rosy Cheeks’. They both smelt the best which is why I chose them and the colours were easily the prettiest.


Don’t Look at Me:

Don’t Look at Me is a striking blue colour that has a slight smell of lemon. It contains ground rice to it has a gritty texture which I believe is used to help get rid of the dirt within you pores.

As these masks are meant to be kept in the fridge it was very very cold when I applied it to my skin. But, this will help as it will not make your skin flare up in any way – keeping your skin nice and cool.

As you can see here, my skin is a little dull and there are some slight colour differences around my mouth area. This is the area I have the biggest issue with when it comes to blotchiness. When applying any face mask take extra care when placing around your eye areas.

I applied a generous layer to my face and waited 10-15 minutes for it to harden slightly. I then used warm water and a flannel to rinse and wipe it off gently and pat dried my skin. After a couple minutes I looked at my skin more closely and saw that it did look a lot less dull and had become a lot clearer!


As you can see, my skin looks a lot brighter. The redness around my mouth hasn’t completely cleared but it looks slightly better, but I know that this isn’t something that is to disappear after one use of a face mask. My skin also felt so much smoother, I think the ground rice helped with that.

I would probably get this face mask again just for the smell! I also feel if you used this a few times a week it would do a lot of good for my skin. So this is defiantly something I feel will help if you really want to give your skin a good refresh.

Rosy Cheeks: 

Rosy Cheeks is a nude pink colour (LOVE!!) and smells like… You guessed it, roses! I again applied a generous layer to my skin and left for 10-15 minutes till slightly hardened.


I washed this mask off the same way as the previous and pat dried my face softly. Im a firm believer that we should take care of our skin in every way possible, even if that is just pat drying it when you get out of the shower. We should all look after our skin 100% because we have it forever!

Anyways, this mask made my skin feel heavenly and so smooth. Defiantly going to be buying this mask again, it was honestly amazing.


The blotchiness actually went away and my skin tones were mainly even. Loving this mask!

Both the masks worked wonders and when I have finished both pots i’ll probably try another but will be getting Rosy Cheeks again. I have fallen in love.

Thanks lovelies!

Molly’s Memoirs x


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Lush Face & Body Masks”

  1. Ooh I’ve never actually tried these which is quite surprising as a lover of lush! Will definitely try them! Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked out mine too x

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