A New Beginning

From now I am going to use this blog as a way to record my new eating and exercise habits. Over the course of the summer I did not take any care in my health or eating habits – eating what I want, when I want. This was not helped by the fact that I work in a cake shop full time and was eating 3/5 cupcakes/brownies pre week for around 3 months.

Then, returning to university and eating quick and easy meals, which were mainly carbs, or eating out/getting takeaways because it was easier than cooking. My weight has also increased somewhat due to being in a new relationship and this is something many people can relate to – becoming comfortable with the other person so that you slowly let yourself go (weight wise). I still keep up with my appearance of makeup, hair and fashion but where my weight is concerned I have become a little heavier.

I have loved my body for a long time, growing up on the heavier side has always got me watching what I eat, but as I grew up I learnt to love my body for what it is and even if I’m a size 22 or a size 6 nothing would change that. But that doesn’t mean to say that it’s a bad thing to want to change it. Whether that be getting a boob job or losing those extra few pounds.

So, as of today (23 October 2017) I am making a conscious decision to change, not only my eating habits but my lifestyle. I not only need to lose weight but I wish to become more focused when it comes to my university work and to also be a better person.

Today I went to do my food shopping and I did not buy any sweets, biscuits or cake. This is a huge thing for me as snaking on sugary things is a daily occurrence. I purchased a blender, lots of fruit and veg, and protein to keep my energy high and so I keep on track.

I have researched lot of different breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas and I am going to complete this diet 5 days a week. The plan so far is to make myself a smoothie each morning with my frozen and fresh veggies with added almond milk to fill me up in the morning and try and eliminate snaking. Things like brown bread, wholemeal wraps with tuna, ham and avocado for lunch ideas and chicken, green veg and brown rice for my dinner. On my days off I will still opt for  healthier meals, just maybe not so plain. Still no chocolate or sweets though.

I also want to track my food and exercise as I feel it will be beneficial for my own use and help me push through and not get bored. It may also be helpful for other students who are in the same boat and let them know that there is a healthy way to live at university on a budget.

I am currently a size 14/L in most of my clothes. I don’t like weighing myself as I feel it makes me feel worse about myself – as someone who has a large chest it doesn’t always become accurate when looking at BMI etc… I like to look at my body and see the changes visibly and through how I feel mentally/internally.

Tomorrow, I start my official new life.

Lets see how this pans out!!

Molly x


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