A New Beginning

From now I am going to use this blog as a way to record my new eating and exercise habits. Over the course of the summer I did not take any care in my health or eating habits - eating what I want, when I want. This was not helped by the fact that I… Continue reading A New Beginning

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Product Review: Lush Face & Body Masks

Everyone loves Lush. It's a worldwide brand and I don't know one person that hasn't tried at least of of their products. I have tried my fair share, mainly being bath bombs. But, recently I was given a choice of two of face masks to try, I chose 'Don't Look at Me' and 'Rosy Cheeks'.… Continue reading Product Review: Lush Face & Body Masks


Lipstick is a girls best friend, pt.2

Since my original post I have purchased many many more lipsticks... The craze of matte liquids came around and I went crazy for them. Yep, crazy... My collection has grown largely and I love them all, it's hard to choose my favourites this time - so i'll just show you them all!  From top to… Continue reading Lipstick is a girls best friend, pt.2


Is it REALLY worth it? – Eye Shadows

Through out all my makeup purchases I have found that spending more doesn't always mean you will get the best quality. And sometimes spending less doesn't mean that it will be awful! So, I am going to do a beauty based blog post each week about my thoughts on products so see if they are… Continue reading Is it REALLY worth it? – Eye Shadows


Kylie Jenner Lip kit

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully you're all pulling through the Monday blues. Today I want to review the most coveted lipstick around at the moment. The one and only, Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. I was on of the lucky ones who was able to get hold of the matte originals and a metal; and I'm absolutely… Continue reading Kylie Jenner Lip kit